Having a completed script ready to go is a huge accomplishment but it is only the beginning of the journey. Getting to Day 1 of Principal Photography is the next step and that more often than not involves finding financing. To do that you need to package your project and create a budget that will allow your achieve your vision. 

Honing your vision so that others can see, feel and understand it the way you do is what we do. Using our decades of experience in successfully creating packages that ultimately get financial backing, we can strategize with you achieve this goal. 

We can create tailored pitch packages that will amplify your scripts vision and give potential financiers a greater understanding of what your project is all about, highlighting what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Not to be forgotten is the budget. Creating a functional and accurate budget for your project is tantamount to success. Knowing how, where and when to spend the financing you’ve worked so hard to obtain is the key if you want to maximize the production value of your project. We know what to do and how money needs to be allocated in order to achieve this.