Editing your project is the last rewrite, the final chance to maximize the potential of all your hard work. We will work with you to achieve your ultimate vision like it was one of our own; from assembly, to rough, to fine and final cut you can be as involved as you need to be. With 20 years of experience in editing we can apply all the techniques we’ve learned to provide the professional polish that will separate your project from the rest and do it efficiently.

We can also simply provide industry level, market driven notes on any of your cuts and advise where your post production budget can be best utilized. Of course, finishing your film is only half the battle so when that time comes we can provide as festival, marketing and distribution advice so that your project is given the best opportunity to succeed in a very competitive industry.

All clients will receive written feedback and/or meetings that are in-person or through your preferred chat service. We can provided tailored consulting based on your desired goals, including the following opportunities (and more):

  • Complete story edit notes for up to three cuts in terms of structure, characters, tone and successful storytelling;
  • Concise assessment of your project as a stand alone work as well as where it fits in the current market; 
  • Professional polish advice and assessment.