First Round Down has Top 5 Canadian Opening

It was a whirlwind opening for First Round Down with sell outs on both Friday and Saturday night during the May 5th weekend. When the beers were done and the tickets counted, the Butler Brothers latest brew landed in the Top 5 for Canadian films for the week of May 5-11, according to Playback Magazine, finishing #2 in ‘per theater average’ before extending the theatrical run a second stellar week for this “grubby popcorn flick” (Richard Crouse).

Stay tuned for the First Round Down #BladesNBullets tour continuing to a town near you and keep your stick on the ice!

That’s a Wrap!

We’re delighted to announce that principal photography on our latest feature, First Round Down, has wrapped. It was a whirlwind of a summer that culminated in a three week shoot this fall that far exceeded our expectations in terms of bringing the vision to life. From the actors, crew, and locations, each and every part of the First Round Down machine ran harder, faster and better than ever imagined! The exceptional cast led by Dylan Bruce pushed themselves  in every sense on set and the results are fantastic!

Keep up to date with everything #FirstRoundDown on Facebook ( and Twitter ( as we cut this badass flick together!!

Thanks again to everyone involved with special shout outs to our fearless Producing partner in crime, Marina Cordoni, and Director of Photography extraordinaire, Michael Jari Davidson, who made First Round Down a living, breathing entity!

See you in the New Year with something new and exciting to feast your eyes on!!


SXSW SubProd Style

Alright, alright, alright! The Butler Brothers popped their SXSW cherry earlier this year and it was everything they imagined. The films, the panels, the parties, the people and the city were all as advertised and well worth the 32hr drive down from Hogtown. But the highlight was not actually a part of the SXSW extravaganza, instead it was whipped up by dynamite host and owner/operator of the Austin Bike Farm, Owen Weber, and it was awesome! It was a ‘Dazed and Confused’ tour of all the locations still around since filming in 1993. Bouncing around from the Centennial Liquor Store to the Emporium parking lot and around back to where O’Bannion gets paint dumped on him while cruising the streets like it was 1976 in the back of his ’64 Chevy pickup sealed the deal and made the Top Notch Burgers we washed it all down with even tastier.

If you haven’t been to SXSW or Austin, do it. And be sure to visit our bud at the Bike Farm and tell him the Butler Bros sent you.

Mourning Has Broken on iTunes

Valentine’s Day has come early at SubProd as the critically acclaimed feature Mourning Has Broken is now available on iTunes in 47 countries! Now is your opportunity to watch what Unsung Films called a “simultaneously entertaining and profoundly moving” film and Marked Movies gave 4 STARS to while calling Mourning Has Broken “intimate and hysterical”.

CLICK HERE for the iTunes link and thanks for the support!

Get Ready for Love in the Sixth

2015 is shaping up to be a great year and one of those reasons is Jude Klassen and her genre-bending, very funny, very original feature Love in the Sixth. SubProd is not only editing this bad boy but both of  The Butler Brothers have small roles in #LoveInTheSixth as well. Jude’s take on relationships is sure to be a mindbender that won’t easily be forgotten and SubProd is jacked to be a part of bringing her vision to the big screen!

Mourning Has Broken coming to iTunes

We’re excited to announce that Mourning Has Broken will be released on VOD and iTunes in the February of 2015. ‘Mourning’ will be available on VOD in 47 countries with a French subtitled version also on tap! Many thanks to Avi Federgreen of Indiecan Entertainment for getting this critically-acclaimed feature out into the world and into your households.

‘Mourning’ in Movie Entertainment Magazine

We’re excited to see that Mourning Has Broken made ‘Canada’s Call Sheet’ in the April 2014 edition of TMN’s Movie Entertainment Magazine. Judith Klassen wrote a fantastic article that describes the film as “an inspired piece of filmmaking”. Read the full article below.

Movie Entertaiment Magazine (April 2014)

“It’s Nolan’s performance that burns down the house.”




The Butler Brothers on ‘Canada Talks’

Hot off the successful Toronto theatrical run of Mourning Has Broken, the Butler Brothers were asked to come in and discuss the movie and the state of Canadian filmmaking in general on the Ward and Al Show for ‘Canada Talks‘ on SiriusXM Radio. What transpired was off-the-cuff, honest and kind of insane – just the way we like it!

If you missed the original airing here is the interview in it’s entirety for your listening pleasure! Thanks again to Ward Anderson and Allison Dore for having us on their show, we look forward to coming back again real soon! Find them on Twitter @WardAndAl and tweet them about getting the “Ward and Al Film Fest” up and running!

Ward and Al-Butler Bros

Mourning Has Broken: An Essay

In addition to winning BEST FEATURE at the Weyauwega International Film Festival for Mourning Has Broken, we were delighted to discover that the Weyauwega Artistic Director, Kathy Fehl, was inspired to write an essay about the film. Words cannot express how flattered we are by this, so instead we’ll let Kathy’s words do the work! Enjoy!

Microsoft Word - MHB-An Essay.docx

Mourning Has Broken wins AUDIENCE CHOICE

The festive mood at SubProd started early this December as it was announced that Mourning Has Broken received a “Golden Oosikar” as the AUDIENCE CHOICE Award Winner at the Anchorage International Film Festival in Anchorage, Alaska. Many thanks to the AIFF and Fest Organizers Jim Parker and Tony Walsh in particular for allowing us the opportunity to screen at such a wonderful location.

Let’s hope 2014 brings continued success for one and all!