Love in the Sixth on Amazon Prime

It’s a belated Valentines gift for anyone who’s been in “Fucking Love” – Love in the Sixth is now available on Amazon Prime in the US and the UK. Jude Klassen’s debut feature was a delight to be a part of, including roles as brothers who share a lover rather unsuccessfully. Whimsical, musical and poignant Love in the Sixth is a true original.

Check it out here on Amazon Prime

Acting in “This Was America”

Both of the Butler Brothers had the pleasure of stretching the greasier side of their acting chops in Jamie Bailey’s debut feature film, This Was America, starring Simon Phillips, and set in the not too distant future where ‘non-citizens’ are being deported as part of a racially intolerant agenda.

Follow the film through post-production on their FB page and look for Brett as a Used Car Salesman and Jason as a sleazy Motel Manager in 2019.


First Round Down on Superchannel

For those that missed First Round Down during the summer it will be back in October on Superchannel FUSE to set your screen on fire!

SubProd at GRFF Industry Day

SubProd was delighted to be a part of two Grand River Film Festival (GRFF) Industry Day panels last week. Before moderating a panel on Content Creation we also rounded out a terrific panel on Financing and Digital Marketing that provoked some great conversation. Many thanks to GRFF organizers to reaching out to us and making it happen, we look forward to see what’s in store next year!

First Round Down wins in France

September 2017 saw the France Premiere of First Round Down at the Festival Canadien du Dieppe in Dieppe, France. With Jason Butler in attendance, First Round Down, took home the ‘City of Dieppe’ Award (as voted on by the Dieppe City Council) and was a fan favourite for both of it’s screenings. A truly great introduction to French hospitality!

The Butler Bros on ‘q on CBC’

It was our absolute pleasure to talk with Tom Power on the nationally syndicated and critically acclaimed ‘q on CBC’. Getting into the nitty gritty of how the lead character in First Round Down was steeped in our personal experiences and what it takes to get a film to the finish line. Listen to the full interview HERE.


Richard Crouse (CTV) digs on First Round Down

CTV Film Critic, Richard Crouse, discusses First Round Down for the opening weekend calling it a “whole lotta fun” and “working class Tarantino”.

First Round Down – CTV Weekend at the Movies

An absolute slice of Canadiana…that nontheless speaks to an international audience”

Movie critic Jason Gorber was on hand for the US Premiere of First Round Down at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Florida. Here’s what he had to say about it on CTV “Weekend at the Movies”.


The Watchlist eyes up First Round Down

The Watchlist (CHCH) visited the set of First Round Down, getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes with the Butler Brothers, Dylan Bruce and Rachel Wilson. Originally aired on February 4, 2016.

eTalk visits the set of First Round Down

eTalk visits the set of First Round Down and talks with stars Dylan Bruce, Rachel Wilson and John Kapelos along with Writer/Directors, the Butler Brothers. Originally aired on November 17, 2015.