Great Review for The Notorious Newman Brothers

The Notorious Newman Brothers is pure “Ecstasy” according to Rotten Tomato reviewer!

Warning: this review has a lot of large words in it. If Tim Brayton ofAntagony & Ecstasy and Rotten Tomatoes wasn’t so damn insightful in this great review of The Notorious Newman Brothers he’d definitely be risking the wrath of TC and Paulie, as they would be forced to go to the dictionary on more than one occasion to make sure he wasn’t disrespecting them or the movie. Fortunately for Tim it was not only respectful but effusive – maybe because he knew TC and Paulie can be very, very “pernicious”!

“The film is a savage mauling of the male self-aggrandizement that informs so much of gangster culture and of independent filmmaking alike”  – Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy

Now go check out this terrific review, by clicking on the following quote where he says the film is “frequently hilarious and never less than very intelligent”.

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