Even Funnier on Re-Review

To celebrate the release of The Notorious Newman Brothers “Rubbed Oregano” Edition DVD, Josh Samford of Rogue Cinema watched the film again, and it’s probably easier if he takes it from here: “Way back in 2009, I was lucky enough to have been forwarded a copy of Ryan Noel’sThe Notorious Newman Brothers. A mockumentary, of sorts, that looked to lampoon the crime “genre,” it was a title that truly stood out at the end of the year. Easily one of the best of that year, and if I am going to be honest, it is probably one of the funniest comedies that I have ever been sent via Rogue Cinema.”

And after watching it again Mr. Samford was no less effusive in his praise of the Newman Bros while further reveling in the insanity of it all.

“Standing out as a piece of meta-crime-fiction, The Notorious Newman Brothers is a ridiculously silly and raucously funny faux-documentary”

Not to be forgotten, the EXTRAS on the “Rubbed Oregano” Edition DVD were also given thumbs up:

“Even better, you can also purchase the DVD which features an assortment of special features that actually adds a lot to the experience. Featuring numerous deleted scenes, as well as some funny video clips that show the boys trying to break into the Toronto International Film Fest, the DVD is probably the best Newman Brothers experience currently available.”

All in all it’s great to hear that the humor and hijinks of The Notorious Newman Brothers is such that it can be enjoyed over and over again. Many thanks to Rogue Cinema and Josh Samford for taking the time to pub the flick! To read the entire review go HERE.

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