Dan thinks he loves Lisa, but right now he can’t stand her. Lisa thinks she loves Dan, but right now can’t stand herself. Take a couple with a troubled past, including an ugly break-up, and throw in a strange attempt at reconciliation. Ask each where they think things went wrong and you have one very funny, very real account of a relationship in flux. Meet Dan and Lisa, they’re an unmarried couple.

An Inside Look At A Relationship

Conceived as an inside look at a relationship, and all the insulation and claustrophobia that can come with the territory, Confusions was shot over one blistering hot weekend – which only added to the authenticity, intensity and emotion of the performances. As the play on words in the title indicates, we wanted to make this a more “confessional” film in terms of intimacy and honesty of the characters but continue to go for the throat in terms of our observations on relationships. We think we have achieved this while still infusing the story with an uncomfortably real, dark and funny sensibility – and audiences (as well as critics) seem to agree.