Boom! Great Review for the Newmans Brothers

The Eclectic Screening Room digs The Newmans!

TC and Paulie Newman would have no friggin’ clue what ‘eclectic’ means, but after reading the review by Greg Woods of The Eclectic Screening Room we’re pretty sure they would think it means AWESOME. This guy totally gets what we’re doing in the film and is no slouch in the writing department…now go check out this eclectic review HERE.

“This comedy combines the well-soiled traditions of gangster film parody and ‘mockumentary’, yet the blending of both genres results in a clever study that gently overturns the conventions of these forms, but it also is a sly commentary on how its characters are influenced by pop culture.”                         – Greg Woods, Eclectic Screening Room

And Greg, if you’re reading this, the Newmans aren’t desperate, they’re doing real well…real well!!

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