Bold, Exciting and Original

Substance Production (SubProd) is the cocked and loaded offspring of maverick producers and brothers, Brett and Jason Butler. Based out of Toronto, SubProd is a dedicated to creating bold, exciting and original content for film and television. They have several unique projects in development that adhere to their #grittynotpretty auteur vision while also looking for future collaborative opportunities. Their boutique studio covers the entire spectrum for the right project; from re-writes in pre-production, to producing, directing, as well as being accomplished editors in post production. 

First Round Down is working class Tarantino, a scrappy crime story that proudly wears its low budget status on its sleeve…but it is the filmmaking that impresses. Full of energy, it’s a grubby popcorn flick with the spirit of a hockey fight.”  – Richard Crouse, CTV News (May 2017)

Gritty Not Pretty

Grit-ty (adjective);

  1. Containing or covered with grit
  2. Showing courage and resolve

We’ve always been grinding, on the hustle, and that shows in our storytelling. We like to get in your face and stir it up a little, surf the rougher end of the beach where you end up with a little grit in your teeth when you return to shore. We unearth the roots of character and emotion in our filmmaking and find the palette to match, we like to get dirty.